1 Week until Maryland’s Opening Day of the 2013 Bow Season!

That's right, just one week until we all hit the woods for the first time in the 2013 Maryland Bow Season.   Many people we view opening day as the whole weekend since many of us cannot get out until Saturday, but for those of us heading out Friday hopefully it will be an exciting one.  Opening weekend is just the beginning of the season but I myself am just excited to be out in a tree enjoying nature again.  I of course will be looking for one of those big boys maybe even still in velvet.  However, I more than likely will just be out there seeing what I see  and enjoying seeing natures creatures at the different locations I hunt as I plan to hunt both morning and evening weather permitting.

By now everyone should be pretty much ready for the season other than maybe getting some last minute things or washing your clothes or other gear to get them scent free.  That is on my list of things to do on this holiday weekend.  Maybe sure everything is ready to go, put all my broadheads on my arrows, wash my clothes and so they are scent free and make sure I have everything packing in my gear bag.  I will also make sure everything is attacked and in good shape on my climber, you never know if your pull rope has become dry rotted or anything like that. I have already made sure the stand itself is in good, safe working order.

One thing I cannot stress enough about opening day and beyond that into the rest of September and October is that you need to get yourself a Thermacell.  I have been out scouting and checking trails cams and as soon as you enter the woods you are getting eaten alive.  Last year it was my opening day must have and it is this year as well.

As opening day quickly is approaching we hope you are ready and as excited as we are.  Are you ready and excited?  Still getting trail cam photos? Love too see some trail cam photos and let us know if you see that the deer are loosing their velvet.  We are really interested when these deer loose their velvet this year with the odd weather we have had this year.

Finally, we also want to remind everyone a bout our current contest, we are offering a $25 gift card to Bass Pro for the person whom can guess the closest to the gross score of the 11 point I harvested last season.  For all the details and rules check out our post, Bass Pro Gift Card Giveaway Contest.  We have already had some good guesses but anyone could win, so get to guessing!

Do you have any products or suggestions for opening day must haves?  leave a comment and share with us and our other readers what they are!


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