10-20-2015 Loch Raven Evening Hunt

10-20-2015 Evening Hunt PictureWas out in the woods this evening enjoying the beautiful weather.  Went to a spot in Loch Raven I don't normally hunt hoping for something different.  Well, it was different, had acorns falling and perfect wind for the location.  I saw others were hunting the area, so I went into the woods carefully and slowly. I got into the section of woods and didn't see anyone else.  Got in my tree and was ready...  I was thinking to myself, I haven't hunted here in a long time, and it's hit or miss you if you see others parked in the area, but I would give it a try.  I also had in the back of my mind that I had not seen much sign on the way in the woods either.  Well, 5:00 pm came and went with only seeing a chipmunk. Then 6:00 pm and I added a single squirrel.  Dark came and that was it, no sign of deer, I did push something out of another section of woods on my way out, but it could have been a fox, or raccoon for all I know.

Seems like this year that sections of Loch Raven are on fire, and other areas are literally dead.  I wonder what is causing the sharp contrast in population changes...

I plan to get out more this week and this weekend, and this weekend many will be excited about the opening of early muzzleloader season!   Should be a good weekend to get a deer!

I wish everyone luck on their hunts this week!  Keep us posted on how your hunting season is going! 


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