10 Weeks Until The Start of the 2013 Maryland Bow Season!

Yes, that is right, just 10 weeks from today is the opening day of Maryland's 2013 bow season!  Hard to believe it is so close and I am sure time will fly by between now and then for many of us.

In the meantime, now is the time to start getting your equipment ready and start shooting your bow.  If you are going to place your bow or any equipment on it, now is a great time to do so, that way you have plenty of time to get adjusted and get shooting accurately.

I started shooting about a week and half ago, first out of necessity a groundhog took up residence in my shed. So I informed him who was boss one evening while he was out attempting to eat our flowers.  Then this past weekend I actually took the bow out and shot targets at different distances with a friend of mine.  I was pretty rusty, well I'll be honest I was pretty bad a distances. My bow needed some adjusting as it turned out, but I also need some good practice. I was still my normal pretty deadly self at anything under 20 yards though.

Getting some good practice in this time of year is not only good for you, but it also gets you mentally ready for hunting season and gives you a reason to go outside for an hour or two other than to cut the grass!

I am looking forward to the upcoming season and learning new things. Last year I had a good year and I felt like I learned a lot in terms of deer habits and hunting locations.  I also learned that sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to get a chance at those big boys!

While out driving the past week or so I have started to see more and more deer, and I have even seen some antlers! A lot of small bucks , likely will be spikes or 4 pointers.  But I have seen a couple that were already out by there ears and with good mass and that got my blood flowing and wanting hunting season to start.

I will be putting trail cams out sometime in July and as soon as I start getting some pictures I will start sharing them with all of you as always!  As you put your trail cam's out we would love to see some photo's even if they are small bucks or does, it's always nice to see what other  people are seeing!

Have you started thinking about the upcoming bow season? We  would love to hear from your doing to get ready or as I said see some trail cam photo's!

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  1. Henry
    Hope you are well. I have been enjoying the summer and started bow fishing for the first time this summer. I have been very blessed to have scored a bunch of new hunting properties. So this weekend my hunting partner and I are going to hang about 5 new stands and make sure all of our existing ones are secure. We also are going to move a few around to different spots. We invested in Millennium stands this year. They are amazingly comfortable and allow us to have multiple spots because you can move it around since we are going to place a bunch of receiver mounts on different trees. This also is nice since in early season I normally get drenched in sweat using my climber. I would suggest anyone looking for a stand as comfortable as a "lazy boy" to look at these stands. They are pricey but worth it. And again all you need to do is buy one stand and multiple receiver mounts to have many different locations. It is a lot easier in my opinion to get up the tree and put one of them in the mount then using a climber (even though I do love my climber). Also I am going to really try not to go inthe woods that much after this weekend. I noticed last year (and this may be just a coincidence) but the spots that I kept going into last year to scout and check my cams a lot just before the season started, I saw a lot less deer. I don't know if my sudden presence caused the deer to go nocturnal early on or what, but I decided this year to get in early and then back out until opening day. Well anyway I wish you all the best and hopefully this year I will have some awesome pictures for you. Plus I hope you get another one of those crazy non typical racks again this year!!!
    • admin
      Henry, Great to hear from you. Glad you are having a good summer! Never heard of a millennium stand, but we will look into them since you recommend them. Sadly most of our hunting is done on Loch Raven so the trusty climber is the only way we can go. Glad to hear you were blessed with new hunting land, that is our focus for the month of July is to find some new places to hunt. There is a debate in the world over whether going in and out of a location to check trail cam's and put stands in before the season will alter deer movement. I happen to personally think that it does alter their movements. Which is why I mostly try not to put cameras anywhere near bedding areas only travel routes, I only check them during day time and try not to do it during movement hours if possible. Lastly, the most important thing is I try to only check them maybe once a week or every two weeks if possible unless it is in an area humans travel regularly anyway then I don't believe it matters as much because the deer get used to humans in that area. I wouldn't count on another non-typical that is only the second or third one I have seen while hunting, and that is over entire time I have been hunting. But I can hope :-) I just hope that one of the good size deer I was seeing toward the end of last season make it through until hunting season and are still in the areas they were last season! Enjoy the rest of your summer!
  2. Gino
    I have a buddy that uses one of those Millennium stands. They are expensive, but if you have private land and can hang multiple receivers it really ends up being cheaper in the long run. Heard good things about them, but never sat it one. I hear ya about the sweating in the early season when using a climber. Even in late season when you have too many clothes on for climbing a tree. You end up soaked at 6:00am and freezing by 7:30. Somebody needs to invent something to solve that problem....haha.

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