10/1/2012 Evening Hunting Trip

Headed out into the woods for an afternoon hunt in Loch Raven at a  spot I had scouted several times this pre-season.  Wind wasn't perfect but wasn't bad and I knew with the rain coming tomorrow, the deer should have been moving.   Well, perhaps I was wrong, maybe they moved more this morning (sadly I had to work).  I got in my stand around 4  and sat and waited, around 5 I had a single doe come through about 30 yards in front of me, and had it been about 15 degrees cooler outside I would have done more than just watch her walk away.  Thinking,  oh good early deer movement, I thought I was in for an evening filled with activity.  Again, I was wrong, after that single doe walked off I didn't see anything else all evening.

Anyone else make it out today?  How did you do?
On a different note, I see the extended forecast calls for some cooler weather, I sure hope so! With the leaves starting to change and rut quickly coming upon us we sure could use some nights in the 30's to help that along.
Good luck if you make it out this week everyone!

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  1. Haven't fished or hunted this week. Weird weather and still too hot. Deer (and fish) aren't gonna do much in 80 degree, 100% humidity conditions with scattered light rain :(
    • admin
      Agreed! I only went out Monday Evening and nothing was really moving. Next week is to be highs in the 60's lows in the 40's I cannot wait! Leaves are starting to turn and maybe we will get a good frost! Should get everything up and moving or swimming :-)
  2. Henry
    Hope all is well with everyone. Last night I got in my stand around 4:30 and it was about 70 degrees and windy. Within an hour the temp dropped about 15 degrees and the wind slowly died down. About 5:45 saw 3 does coming in. Lined up my shot and wham! She dropped since it was spine shot and didn't move more then about 6 feet. I went to put her out and missed. I couldn't believe it. I shot her from 20 feet up and almost 40 yards but when I walked over and was 10 yards to put her out I missed!! Well I had to do it the old fashion way. So from the time I shot her to the final breath was about 10 minutes. No tracking, hope all my shots this season will be that efficient. Looking forward to this week and wishing everyone God's Blessings on a safe and successful hunt.
    • admin
      Henry, Great to hear you were successful. Sounds like you had a good evening. It is amazing how you can hit the shots that you practice all the time, but not many times you practice shooting something on the ground moving at close range. I took a similar shot a few years back and did the same thing, but I took the second shot out of my tree and the doe was moving. Thankfully my next shot landed and she was down. Great to hear from you and I am looking forward to my hunt tomorrow morning! Good luck to you if you get out this week!

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