10/8/2012 Morning Hunt

Headed back out to Loch Raven this morning with a good friend of mine, we both had  high hopes for the first real cold morning of fall.  Everything pointed to this morning being a productive morning, even walking into the woods we  bumped two deer from under my friends stand as we approached it.  After getting in and getting settled I found that water was dripping off the trees which was sorta like water torture.  As the morning moved along and 15 minutes went by so very slow, both my friend and I hadn't seen anything by 8am.  After a few texts back and forth we were starting to wonder if we picked the wrong spot this morning.

After another hour or so and yes, still nothing we decided to pack it in for the morning.  As we were headed out of the woods we encountered a DNR police officer, he was very nice, checked our licenses and told us to have a great day.  He did also mention while talking with us that a person (lady I believe he said) is driving around Loch Raven yelling nasty things and throwing things at hunters while on their way back to their vehicles.  Glad I haven't been hunting where ever this crazy anti hunter person is.  Needless to say, he said if we did happen to encounter them, to please get a tag number and call DNR ASAP.  I wanted to pass this note along to all of you so that hopefully this person can be caught and stopped from harassing hunters whom are doing nothing wrong and do not deserve to be treated like that by anyone.

So please, if you do encounter this person, help DNR to catch them by getting a license tag number!
How did everyone else do today? Hopefully everyone had a better day then me! 🙂

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  1. Clay
    I hunted yesterday morning. I was looking forward to this hunt all weekend knowing the cold weather was morining in. I put out some corn last Friday and was getting lots of deer photos with the trail cameral. After sitting 4 1/2 hours, I didn't see one deer. By the way, the corn there. I need to force myself to stay out of the woods until later this month. I have been out 3 times and haven't seen anything.
    • admin
      Clay, Sounds like you had a morning hunt like me. I understand the frustration in sitting out and not seeing anything. But it is October and the crazy weather we have been having isn't helping hunting at all. I wouldn't stay out of the woods too long, another 10 - 14 days you should see things really heating up in the woods. Don't give up, maybe start trying afternoon hunts rather than morning, if you know there are deer there you just need to figure out their October patterns. I know it is frustrating when they change trails, areas, and times they are moving. But that is the nature of hunting in October. Good luck to you Clay next time you get out!
  2. Clay
    Thank you, for the advices. Good luck to you too. I appreciate all of your articles. This is one of my favorite website. I look forward to reading your news updates. Thanks again.

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