11/1/2012 Hunting Trip

Well the deer are certainly moving..  Rut isn't full tilt yet because the bucks seem to be moving but are more or less following the does not chasing. Bucks are still more interested in eating than in chasing and from recent comments from readers everyone seems to be seeing the same thing.  On the flip side of that it could change any minute! So make sure you spend some time in the woods the next week or so!

On to my evening outing....  I will say right off the bat, everyone, no matter how good you are, can have major let down and miss.. Doesn't matter how good you are or how many years you have been hunting..  Now maybe I am trying to cheer myself up, but either way it's the honest truth, anyone can miss.   So I went out this evening in hopes that one of those old big boys were out moving, recently our trail cam has been getting pictures of a couple good deer ( pictures coming on our next trail cam update).  One of them is a very interesting 11 point buck. He sorta has a second main beam on one side, either way he is a big deer and the coolest deer I have every seen here in central Maryland. Also note the biggest deer I have shot at, certainly not the biggest deer I have seen but for sure the biggest deer I have shot at.  I had a 3 point buck walk past me around 5:40 and a little later around 6 4 does came by it was starting to get dark since the sun hasn't been out in days... Well about 10 or 15 minutes later here he came, down the same trail the does had taken just slowly walking along and browsing has he went.  I had put some scents out and he stopped and smelled them and started rubbing his antlers on branches around where I had put some. Amazing to watch, also got my heart beating out of my chest, which didn't help me much to say the least.  Finally he was 26 yards broadside, perfect shot. But it was 6:23, less than 10 minutes of legal shooting light left and man I could just make out the deer and my pins at the same time. Knowing it was 26 yards I aimed a little high with my 20 yard pin.. Well, when I hit my release and watched my arrow fly I knew I had shot right under him.  He trotted about 10 yards and started walking away. Before I could get another arrow ready he was 50+ yards away and I couldn't see him anymore as it was getting too dark.  I waited a long time for the rest of the deer to clear out of the area as they all hung around (good sign you missed).  I sat still not wanting to spook the deer just in case I had hit him, I didn't want to push him.  Finally got down after all but one small spike whom appeared after I shot had cleared the area and started looking for my arrow.

After just a couple short minutes of looking for my arrow and seeing the deer were still only 75 yards away as I had many sets of eyes watching me look for my arrow. I found the arrow with just mud and leaves on it. Clean miss and my worst fear even if I already knew it in my head were true. I simply missed.  On the other hand it was the first deer and I had shot at this season and the biggest buck I had ever shot at so I think buck fever got the best of me this time. But a good friend of mine told me one good piece of advice.  He said the best news out of the whole thing is it was a clean miss!  He is right that is very good news as I don't have a wounded buck out running around, I just simply shot right under his rib cage.

The second side of this is, he didn't really spook off so maybe he will be back again in the next few days!  Plan to be in the woods the next couple days morning and night.   So even know it makes me sick I missed,  I am happy he is still out there for another day and I look forward to the next meeting!


Anyone else make it out today and have the pleasure or seeing or harvesting a deer?  Leave us a comment with your photo!

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  1. Ramsay
    Hey Andy! We've all missed. And I completely agree with your friend, there is absolutely nothing worse than a bad shot that simply wounds the deer. With a miss, you get to go back in the woods the next day dreaming about that deer and hoping, if not expecting, to see him by your stand again. But, with a wounded deer, there is that terrible awful sinking feeling - just nothing worse. I can't wait to see the trail pics of that 11-pointer. That's amazing. I really can't wait to see the picture of the mount after you get him! I've been in the stand every day since after the storm, and I can tell you that with each passing day, the activity gets more and more intense. I saw really cool little spar last night between an 8 pointer and a spike buck. It was about 60 yards away. My attempts to call the 8 point buck in really seemed to just gently push him away. So, I may simply keep my bleat and my rattle in my field bag for a while longer. I did watch him really work over a scrape for about 2-3 minutes. That was very cool. This morning I saw the same or similar 8 pointer chasing a doe through the woods behind my tree stand. So, things are pretty incredible out there right now. Not to be missed! Good luck everyone. Andy, I look forward to seeing that 11-pointer. Attached is a pick of one of the tall 8 pointers in my backyard now.
  2. Ramsay
    Actually, that's when he was in velvet in August. Here is on Halloween.
  3. Ramsay
    Here's the picture of Arnie - the biggest buck I've seen on camera on our property. These were taken last year in September in velvet. I haven't seen him again since after firearms season last year, so I am afraid that he may be hanging on a neighbor (or trespasser's) wall. But I'll keep you posted if I see him again.
  4. Ramsay
    Here he is at night last year after shedding his velvet. I hope to see him or something like him out there this weekend!!
    • admin
      Ramsay, Thank you for sharing your photo's with us! They are both nice deer and Arnie as you called him is/was a very nice buck. I hope for you he is still alive and you get a crack at him the next couple days! Again thanks for sharing and we look forward to a trophy picture with you a nice deer very soon! :-)

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