11/12/2012 Hunting Trip

Headed back out into Loch Raven this morning for yet another attempt to just find a doe!  I wont beat around the bush, shortly after day break I had someone come walking through the woods off about 60 - 70 yards away no clue if they were hiking, hunting or what but either way they spooked the deer I have been seeing and made for a very long uneventful morning.  The friend I was hunting with only saw a fawn shortly after 8 AM for the same reason.  I finally called it a  morning and that was that. Plus I think this warm weather slowed the rutting activity down some and made the deer more nocturnal.  A lot of our trail cam pictures have been 1  - 4 AM....  Cannot hunt then.......

Headed out on private land this evening just to see if any of the bucks we have gotten on trail cam were in the area following does and in hopes of finally harvesting a doe or two. Well, had 4 does come in but they were very nervous and never did get a shot as they came through feeding and finally left.  Just another sign when you have does and no bucks around. Either rut has slowed down or they are penned up breeding, I am not sure which but either way it has made for lack luster hunting and just plain frustrating when all I want is a shot at a decent size doe!

Heading back out later this week in hopes the cold front coming through this evening will turn things around.

Has anyone else noticed hunting has slowed since the warm up and rutting activity has slowed dramatically? Or has anyone seen that the deer are breeding which would also explain this behavior? Let us know!

Good luck everyone this week!

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