11/16/2012 Evening Hunting Trip

Went hunting with a good friend of mine this evening.  We took the crossbow and decided to stay low rather than climb trees tonight since we were taking the crossbow.   It was a pretty eventful but peaceful and beautiful evening, between the sounds of trickling water and sunset and deer moving.  We saw 3 does around 4:45 or so but something spooked them, never did figure out what.  Finally a little later on we had a heard of them come in so to speak, it was a total of 8 does, yes you heard me right 8 does and not a single buck (unless you count the button buck).  Needless to say we waited to see if a buck was with them but since it was right at the end of legal shooting light we decided it was a good idea to go ahead and take one of the bigger does.  Great eating and since a buck wasn't with them I was able to fulfill my second doe and now I read to head back out into the woods after one of those rutting bucks!

Great evening and the crossbow did a world of hurt on her so she only ran about 60 yards tops with an outstanding double lung shot.   All and all a great evening and I got to share that experience with a good friend.

Heading back out in the woods tomorrow afternoon after one of those  big boys.

Good luck everyone this weekend and into next week!

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