11/17/2012 Evening Hunting Trip

Headed out into the woods in hopes of finding another rutting buck..  Well, it was an eventful evening but didn't see any of those rutting bucks..  Early on only minutes after settling in I had a fawn come across the hill I was facing.  Not long after that I had  a doe, a fawn, and a spike with maybe 1 inch antlers all came down off the same hill. I was able to watch them for 35 - 45 minutes feeding along and finally they walked down to me and walked 15 yards away. Finally they were gone and a couple minutes later I heard a noise behind me that sounded like a squirrel and I turned around and it was another fawn walking around feeding.  I watched the fawn for a good 35 minutes before she finally went down over the hill just a few minutes before dark.

So, I had deer around me almost all evening but nothing interesting.  I could have taken a 3rd doe but since I got 2 in one week, I decided that I would wait with gun season coming up and muzzleloader season right after that.   But as another full moon is upon us I will be back out in the woods this week after another one of those big boys that go back into rut.

Did anyone else having a good weekend?  Did you have a harvest?  What type of rutting activity are you seeing?


Good luck this week!

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