1/14/2012 Afternoon Hunting Trip



I went out hunting yesterday afternoon with a friend, we hunted a location in Loch Raven he hunts and had been seeing some deer, so I joined him in hopes of getting a doe.  We went out into the woods fairly early in hopes with the recent cold front the deer would be moving early.  Instead of deer moving early it turns out hunters were moving,  we had several different hunters walk in on us.  Then as we were headed out for the evening I saw more trucks of people out hunting than I had seen all season!  Needless to say we were worried that our hunting may have been compromised by the other hunters walking around the area, too many people in one area can be a very bad thing.  Well we were sort of right and wrong, we did end up seeing deer, two groups of deer, one around 4:45 which was a group of does that seemed very nervous and were all moving quickly.   Then around 5:10 we had a second group of deer come through, but they were either spooked by one of the other hunters or saw one of us as before they anywhere near shooting range they took off running.  The positive thing was we saw deer which makes every trip worth while.  We would of liked to harvest a deer while there, but again at least we saw deer and were able to enjoy the great outdoors.

There is always this week or next weekend 🙂

Were you one of the many people out hunting this past Saturday? What did you see? Did you harvest a deer?

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