11/5 Morning Hunting Trip



Headed back into the woods hoping that after the front passed Friday afternoon that the colder temperatures would get the deer moving. I was also hoping that I might even see some rutting activity after the day before was so slow.  Happy to say that I did finally see some rutting activity! Loch Raven has finally caught up to the rest of the state and looks like hunting should only get better over the coming weeks.  Saturday started out as a slow morning, lots of birds but nothing else.  I had done some rattling and grunting around 8:30 a.m. and finally I heard a grunt from atop a nearby hill. I was starting to think that I was not going to see anything.  After I heard the grunt, I watched a buck push a doe down the hill straight towards me, they never got close enough to shoot though.  I watched this little buck that I believe to be a 6 point chase this doe for probably 30 minutes around and around in circles. There was at least one more doe with them and maybe another buck but when deer are running at distance through thick cover, it is always hard to say what I saw.  The buck chased the little doe over the other side of the hill and that was the end of my excitement for the morning.  On the way out of the woods, I did jump up 2 deer, never got to see what they were; only tails but 20 yards away from where they had bedded down for the day was a fresh scrape.

Looks like rut is starting and for all of us hunters, it is time to spend as much free time as you have in the woods.   I always tell my bosses, why cannot jobs be more understanding and allow us the hunters to work less during the month of November.J


Good luck to everyone this week, let us know if you are lucky enough to harvest a deer this week!

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  1. Gino Ciotola
    Sound like you had a pretty good weekend. You just need to get one of those big boys to show their face!! Easier said than done, haha. I haven't been out here in MD in a couple weeks, but I'm heading out Friday and Saturday to try to curb the doe population. Hopefully I'll see some rutting activity for entertainment purposes. Always an awesome time of the year to be in the woods! I'll let you guys know if anything good happens. Good luck to everyone the next couple weeks. This is a magical time of year in the deer woods...I expect to see some pics of antlers on the ground in the near future!

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