11/7/2012 Afternoon Hunting Trip



Headed back out into the woods this afternoon after a let down yesterday afternoon.  I went with a friend of mine this afternoon, we both hunted this one section of Loch Raven that I hunt some what regularly.   It was a nice afternoon, but a little warm for hunting, but this didn't stop me.  After a couple hours it was so nice out and quite I was falling asleep, but nevertheless around 4 p.m. I decided it was time to wake up and get serious.  I hadn't heard or seen anything by this time, so with the full moon I decided to try grunting a little just to see if any bucks were near by and a little aggressive.  I grunted one time and waited a second, then I heard a high pitch grunt and 4 does came running down the hill off to my left.  The does got about 60 yards away and stopped in some thicket, I continued grunting.  A few minutes later I knew where the does were but couldn't see or hear them and I was worried they gone the other direction out of the thicket, but I knew where they were last time I saw them.  Well after a about another 10 minutes or so ( 15 or 20 minutes after I last saw them),  I gave up and started looking off in a different direction assuming they wondered the other direction since I couldn't hear or see them.  Well, the next thing I know I hear a stick break about 55 - 60 yards behind me, a small doe had started wondering towards me.  Sadly, she was in thicket in this little ditch where I could only see her head.  I was hoping the others were following her, but couldn't see them.  So I grunted again hoping maybe the buck I had heard grunt when I first saw the does  might still be around.  He was, after grunting a couple times a decent size body buck ( never saw his head) grunted a couple times and walked across the top of the hill where the does had come from, the doe that I was watching watched him without moving till he was out of her sight.  She started to turn to walk towards me and my friend, when all of the sudden I hear another deer run up the hill about 100 yards behind me past the other doe I was watching.  As this doe ran up the hill and passed the doe I was watching, she too turned and ran up the hill towards where the buck had gone.  Never saw or heard anything else all evening, but at least I had a little excitement.  Just goes to she grunting in January can pay off if you find a buck that is still aggressive.  I believe the buck I saw was small based of the pitch of his grunt as well as his body shape and size, he was not a mature deer by any means.

All and all, a better afternoon than yesterday and gave me some excitement.

Anyone else hunt this weekend?  How did you do and what did you see?



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  1. Gino Ciotola
    I also made it out the afternoon of the 7th and had a similar experience. I got in the tree late, a little before 3pm. Just as I settled in, a group of 9 deer came tearing over the hill and ran through the hollow and up the opposite hillside about 100 yards from my stand. Something obviously bumped them from their bedding area, but I don't know if it was a person, animal, etc. At this point I thought my evening hunt was ruined as I was pretty much banking on catching these deer coming from their bedding area to the food source that evening. I settled back in, and around 4:30 this same group of deer, 8 does and a 6pt, started coming back down over the hill behind me. They fed down to the creek and went up the bottom to the clearing that was well behind my stand, about 100 yards away. They never did make it over to the my location, but at least it was an entertaining night.

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