11/9/2012 Hunting Trip

Headed out to Loch Raven this morning in hopes of getting a doe..  Well of course I also wanted to see what other deer or bucks I could see as well.   Pushed a deer out of the area of my stand on the way into the woods this morning.  Got in my stand and got settled in and not 5 minutes into shooting light I had a big doe walk right under me, she came straight at me and walked straight away from me. She gave me no shot coming towards me as she was facing me, and walking away the only shot I had was blocked by a bunch of small trees.  Missed my chance at an easy doe..  After about 20 minutes I started to see deer, all does cutting across the top of this hill and headed back into the thicket. At one point I could see some of the smaller deer running around as if they were being chased but never did see a buck or really evidence that they were being chased. I had seen 9 at this point, well what I think to be 9 some of those could be deer that came and went and maybe even came back again.  The last deer I saw was around 7 AM, around 8 AM I was getting worried my morning hunt was over and all the deer were bedded.  Well I saw a small doe walk across the same hill all the other deer had, so I decided maybe my morning wasn't done just yet.  Then around 8:15 AM I heard some leaves crunching in the opening off to my left, I turn and looked and there was a good size 8 pointer, mostly wide but not that tall or massive coming up the draw right to me.  Well, or so I thought, we stayed about 40 yards away and I attempted to grunt him in closer just so I could get a good look at him.  He never did get any closer than 40 yards and my grunting and even rattling only seemed to mildly peak his interest, he seemed to be on his way to bed down for the morning and just wanted left alone.  That in fact was the last deer I saw, but a beautiful and exciting morning even know I didn't get to harvest a doe as planning.

Headed back out to private land this evening with the hope of harvesting a doe, 4 came in 3 bigger ones and a fawn, but they were very distracted by something and very weary of something and on edge.  Never did figure out by what, I thought a buck would be with them but that wasn't the came, tried for a long time to get a shot but no luck they were always moving or facing me dead on.

Oh well, there is always the next hunt.. Still so exciting to be in the woods this time of year and I always look forward to the next hunt.

How did you do this weekend? See anything, harvest anything? We want to hear from you!

On a side note:  I hate when daylight savings time goes out, man you have to get up extra early!


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  1. Henry
    Headed out this morning. Tried to hunt this week but my time was limited and the wind was always blowing. Hoping this morning will be different. Good luck to you
    • admin
      Henry, Hopefully you had good luck this morning! I was not feeling the best so didn't make it out this morning. Hoping to get back out this afternoon, see how things go! Looking forward to hearing what you saw or harvested!
  2. Adam
    I agree wind was blowing me around along with rain here in southern MD. Hoping tomorrow is the day for a buck or freezer doe!!
    • admin
      Adam, The weather was nasty the other day! Glad the cold front went through, I headed out and saw does being chased this evening and I was lucky enough to get a freezer doe as you put it! Hope you had a better day as well!
      • Adam
        Thanks for the reply, unfourtantely I saw one nice buck 60 yards away nose glued to the floor that was it!! Congrats on your doe, good story.

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