1/19/2013 Morning Hunting Trip

Headed out this morning to Loch Raven in hopes of maybe seeing a late season buck or getting a shot at a doe.  Headed into the woods with a good friend of mine, on the way in we jumped first one deer and then as we got to the area we were hunting we pushed a group of deer out of there.  Sadly that isn't what we wanted to do.... Either way we got in our trees and and hoped we hadn't pushed all the deer out of the area.. Well it was a nice morning, but as time went by and hundreds(or so it seemed) of squirrels playing on the ground.  It got windy and cold and no sign a single deer.

After a while my friend got down and went on a walk and figured maybe he would push something to me, nope not a thing... So I got down and we headed out of the woods.  So all and all just a chilly boring morning with no movement.
Anyone else head out today?  Did you see anything?

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