12/1/2012 Evening Muzzleloader Hunt

Headed out to a small piece of private land that we have to hunt last evening with my muzzleloader.  What a perfect night for hunting, I had high hopes of seeing deer.  The property doesn't really have any trees you can climb so I mostly sit on the ground when I go.  I got in the woods a little late I guess it was around 3:30.  Around 5 when I had not seen anything I started to get a frustrated that I haven't seen anything.  ( not I have skipped posting but been out several times this week and only seen does or nothing!).  Anyway, finally a couple minutes after 5 I look over and there standing no more than 15 yards away is a spike buck.. I literally would have had a better chance with  a  bow..  The spike had come down from the house I was hunting behind which I didn't think deer would come from there because people were out in the yard.  He snuck  up on me and there he stood looking at me trying to figure out what I was..  Never spooked he walked back into some cover and walked away.  I  decided I wouldn't shoot him since he was small and I have a whole week left to try for something a little bigger!  Nothing else came through in the last 10 or 15 minutes of light.  However, I did hear plenty of shots close by.  Someone is out there getting deer this gun season!
Anyone that has harvested a trophy this gun season or has a good story send it our way! Leave a comment with the story and/or photo's!

Good luck this last week of gun season!

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