1/24/2012 Afternoon Hunting Trip

Headed out to Loch Raven this afternoon to the location where I saw several groups of deer two weekends ago in hopes of getting a shot at one of them.  Well, perfect wind, perfect weather, and knowing your in a decent spot makes no difference when the deer just are not there.  Something clearly changed the pattern of those deer, whether it is hunting pressure or weather does not matter, because they just were not there.  I ended up not seeing anything at all and now I am back to the drawing board to figure out where to hunt later this week and early next week to give me the best chance to harvest a deer before the end of the season.

Good luck to anyone headed out this week!



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  1. Nosaj
    I must have picked the wrong stand this morning, headed out back in the Cecil area, as soon as I hit the brush I scared off what looked like to be 3 doe. Then decided to walk to my farthest stand. Nothing this morning, but scared what seemed the same three deer leaving the sticks to go back inside , the deer are there.

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