1/28/2012 Afternoon Hunting Trip



Today was the last Saturday of the 2011 - 2012 hunting season, how depressing.   I did not make it out this morning.  However, I did make it out this afternoon and boy was I glad I did!   I went and got in my tree around 2 p.m., around 3:45 p.m. I had a hiker come walking through the area I was hunting, he walked around for about 10 minutes....  Hello, last day of hunting season what are you doing wandering around the woods??  Well, I wasn't sure if he had screwed the whole day up or not.  Well, around 4:20 p.m. two large groups of deer, more than I could count came running across the road and into the area I was hunting between 30 and 40 yards away.   I stopped counting at some point there were just too many deer, however, I did keep track of the Antlers, in total I saw 10 bucks,  7 in the first group and 3 in the second.   The first group had a 10 point, 6 point, a 4 or 5 point, a very small 4 point, and 3 spikes of different sizes. The second group had 3 small spikes in it.  The deer all ran past me and  then milled around for the next hour splitting up into small groups and working off in different directions.  Sadly they all ran past me the first time so I didn't get a shot and then I had to watch them break up into small groups and wander off in different directions.  One small group of 5 wandered back towards me but was very spooky and seemed like they are knew something was wrong, maybe the hiker had left scent? Because they were where he had walked through the woods.  They took over 30 minutes to wander over towards me, it was a small doe, a big doe, a spike, small 4 point and 6 point all wandering over towards me going to walk right in at 15 yards.  Just before they cleared the brush for a shot, a dog walker started calling their dog and spooked the deer off in a different direction and they were gone.

I didn't see anything else after watching these two very large groups of deer for over an hour and then having the 5 come back towards me.  However, I probably saw more deer tonight then I have in the past month hunting and it was a whole lot of excitement watching them and hoping that some of them and maybe even that 10 point would come back my way and I would get a shot.

Great evening to be in the woods.  I saw lots of people out hunting on my way to and from my hunting location, did anyone else have an exciting evening?  Were you lucky enough to harvest a deer?  We would love to hear your hunting adventures.

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  1. Gino Ciotola
    I was out the morning of 1/28 as well and saw 15 does. I was also there to witness the above story that afternoon. It was crazy that day, one of the best days I've ever had at Loch Raven. That's the beauty of hunting, you just never know what is going to come by. That afternoon hunt closed out my 2011/2012 deer season. I hope all of you had as much fun as I did. What an awesome year!! Hope everyone had a safe and successful season! Till next year....

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