1/4 – 1/5/2013 Hunting Trips

Headed out into the woods on Friday 1/4 in the morning to private property with the muzzleloader.  Seemed like it could be a good morning, but the only thing I saw was squirrels that got a little closer to me than I  would have liked(I was on the ground).   Otherwise the morning hunt was a bust.

Went out with a friend of mine Friday evening in hopes of finding him a deer. We were using the crossbow from the ground.  Around 4:40 we had 3 does, a fawn and 2 yearlings come in within range.  My friend took a shot at the biggest yearling at about 19 yards, he hit her good and she ran about 40 yards and fell down.  We gave her a few  minutes and went and found her, when we found her he had a perfect shot.  Right behind the front shoulder slightly quartering away and he blew right through the heart.  She will be a great addition to my friends freezer.

Headed out on Saturday morning back to private property with a muzzleloader in hopes the deer would finally be moving.  Well,  it was a beautiful morning we heard lots of shots between 8 and 8:45 but no luck for us.  Did not see a thing all morning other than my slightly too friendly squirrels.

Now that gun season is over, it is time to concentrate on late season bow hunting.  It can be hard to kill a deer this time of year, but it can also be a lot of fun.  The deer are slowly starting to heard up and food sources are slowly going away, so find food and you will find the deer.  However, with the woods so open it is very hard to get close enough to shoot this time of year, the deer can pick you out so easy. If you can see the deer odds are they can see you and any little movement or anything that seems wrong to them they will be gone.

Good luck to everyone in the  last 4 weeks of the 2012 - 2013 hunting season. We will look forward to hearing your adventures as we share ours over the last few weeks of this season.

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