1/6/2012 Afternoon Hunting Trip



I was able to get away from work this afternoon and head out into the woods.  I had a place in mind that normally does not have anyone else in, normally.  When I got to the area I was planning to hunt their were two guys already in that section of the woods which is a thick bottom where does normally come up in towards dark.  So since I had already parked had my treestand on my back I headed further back in the woods and up a hill onto a ridge of Oak tree's.  I had scouted this area before the season but had not been back since, the area seems like deer travel it, but  it could be every other day or sometimes morning and sometimes evening, but not on a regular basis.   With hunting being so slow lately and the fact my spot was already taken I figured what the heck.   I found a tree and got up in my stand a little later than I planned due to I had an extra 20 minute or walk from the place I planned to hunt to this location.  Still I was up in plenty of time and had high hopes for the afternoon.   Around 4 p.m. I heard something coming up out of the bottom where I had thought the deer might come from, I got already excited and put my release on my string and everything.  Two minutes later here comes running back and forth a black fluffy dog, about 50 yards behind the dog, the owner, a lady where a bright white vest.  She proceeded to come down about 50 yards away and play with the dog for almost a half an hour.   Finally around 4:30 she took the dog back the way they had come.  I think the damage was already done by this point.  I sat in my tree till shortly after 5 and then got down as it got too dark.

Another afternoon in Loch Raven, with an area like Loch Raven that is open to so many different types of people this could happen to anyone at any time if you are near access points and even more so on nice warm days like to day.   I have had bird watchers, bikers, hikers, dog walkers, joggers, and teenagers all come through the woods many of which were a long way from where you would think people would be.

On that note,  tonight was a bust, but still enjoyed being out in the woods.  Heading back out tomorrow afternoon, hopefully tomorrow has more deer action and less people!

Good luck if you are hunting tomorrow!

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