2012 Opening Day just 30 Days Away!!

Maryland's archery season starts in 30 short days from today!  September 7th could not get here fast enough in my mind.  This year with opening day 8 days sooner than in years past, time to prepare is shorter and you must plan for different weather.  Regardless, now is an exciting time of year. Bucks are almost finished growing their antlers;  we start to plan our different hunting spots as well as finding trees,  and planning entering and exit routes from those spots that will allow us to disturb these hunting areas as little as possible.   Accounting for wind, people traffic, and weather is very important when planning travel routes and you want to try to do this before the season starts!

Everyone is getting ready for hunting season by shooting their bows, setting trail cams, and  feeders if you use them on private property.  All of this preparation is so exciting for those of us who live and breathe hunting.

As a side note to this, if you have been out the past few weeks in the woods, you  know that the  weather this year is killer. High humidity mixed with hot temperatures have made doing anything in the woods tough and unpleasant to say the least.  Bugs are very bad and certain types of under growth have really taken over in some areas.  However, if you are like me and several of my friends,  you are just crazy enough to still be hitting the woods to do all your pre-season work to prepare for the upcoming season.

You should be shooting your bow regularly, and making sure your treestand and such are all in working safe condition over the next couple weeks.  Having your equipment ready and in working safe condition is very important, and could save your life in the end.

At Bow Hunting Maryland we are really looking forward to the upcoming season and have high hopes for this season.  We hope to see some good pictures this season and will hopefully be sharing pictures with you all along the way as well!
How are you preparing for the upcoming season and what is your opinion on the earlier opening day?

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  1. Henry
    You are right I have spent the last couple of weekends in my woods and another property I hunt and sweat about 10 lbs off each time! At my property I had to change the whole set up since a home was built off to the back of my woods. So I put 2 fixed stands about 20+ feet facing another direction. It was such a pain to put them up and took 3 of us to do it. At my other property we had 3 big trees come down all around my stand pretty much blocking any good shot I could take and one was hanging above the stand all wrapped up in some poison Ivy vines. Well I was too lazy to go back and get my chainsaw and only had my pole saw that I use for limbs. So I sawed through these big trees (took me forever and another 10lbs of sweat). But at the end the poison ivy vine fell on top of me. ahhhh! To say I have been scratching all over would be an understatement. I too am looking forward to another great season.
    • admin
      Henry, Sounds like you have been very busy in the woods. I understand how much work all of that is and can only imagine how much sweat and effort you put into hanging those stands in the heat we have had recently. Glad to hear you are getting ready for the season now just 30 days away and are as excited about it as we are. I am truly sorry to hear about the poison ivy because I am highly allergic to that nasty awful stuff, so I have to be very careful to insure I stay away from it and don't get it. Get your self some witch hazel from the pharmacy it helps! I know from a lot of experience! Great to hear from you!

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