3 Weeks until Opening Day of Maryland’s 2014 – 2015 Bow Season

Three Weeks Left!

That's right, just 3 weeks from today marks the beginning of  Maryland's bow season.  That means you should be shooting your bow regularly and should be starting to get pretty good by this time.  We got a late start and just starting shooting recently, work and life has kept us both very busy this summer.  But we are now shooting and starting to dust off the rust and should be good to go for opening day.

My to-do list for this coming week includes purchasing my hunting license.  Now is a great time to get your license, state lands permits and private land permission cards filled and ready to go for the season.   Next week I will be gathering my early season clothing washing it again and getting it in a scent free bag with some cedar so it's ready to go for opening day.

We are also still getting pictures of a couple bucks on our trail cams and we will hopefully be getting a fall food plot in the ground in the coming weeks and that will provide more opportunities this hunting season and provide lots of pictures for us to share.   A trail cam update with the photo's from the past couple weeks will be posted this week.

Everyone getting excited for hunting season? We sure are getting super excited with high hopes for this season! What are you doing to get ready?  Has anyone got any good trail cam pictures that they are willing to share with us? leave a comment and attach the photo's or send us an email!


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