5 Basic Bow Tuning Tools

After working for several years as a bow tech, I found these 5 tools are tools that you would not want to be without.  These 5 tools will allow you to do all of your own basic bow tuning.  The only other tools that you would need would only be if you are looking for a more professional setup.  A later post will go into more detail about the required tools for a professional bow tuning setup, which can be very costly.  The 5 basic tools you need for basic bow tuning could run anywhere from $75 up to around $200 depending on your choices and where you purchase them.  Listed below are the tools that I like using and I will include the general prices for each tool.

The first and most important tool to have when tuning or working on a bow is a good bow holder or bow vise.  My choice for a bow vise is made by Apple Archery. It is a heavy duty vise that will mount to any workbench. It can swivel 360 degrees and will hold bows vertical or horizontally, allowing any type of work to be done. This vise also adapts quickly to hold different kinds of bows and different types of cams and wheels.  One great feature is that adjusting the Apple Archery Infinitely Adjustable Bow Vise bow vise is tool free, everything can be done with just your hands. The vise will never let you down!

The current selling price  is $79.99.

Apple Archery Infinitely Adjustable Bow Vise

The second product that you have to have to work on any bow is a good hex wrench set.  I personally own two different styles: the T handle style and the wrench set style. For price and space reasons, I recommend the wrench set style pictured below.  They are easy to use, easy to store, and will not break your bank account.  Almost everything on a bow is a hex screw, so these are a must have.

You can pick up
Pine Ridge Archery Archers Allen Hex Wrench Sets
for $15.99

Pine Ridge Archery Archers Allen Hex Wrench Sets

The third most important tool is a level set. I have also seen them sold separately, but I personally think it is best to purchase the set unless you are just replacing one or the other.  This level set includes a string level and a Nock level.  Both are very important in getting your bow in tune.  To do so, you have to level a bow horizontally and vertically, and then you nock an arrow and put the nock level on it and level it.  This will greatly improve your accuracy and take almost all the guesswork out.  The set I am use and recommend is the R.S. String Level Combo.

This set is a great value at around $19.99 and will save you hours once you start trying to sight your bow in.










The forth item that can help you along the way tremendously is a good bow square.  I have used about 15 different versions of bow squares.  The one that I highly recommend is the Forked Horn Bow Square.  It locks onto your string, has all the needed measurements on it, and allows you to find exact nock placement.  I highly recommend this bow square if you are in the market for one or are building a basic bow tuning tool kit.

Forked Horn Bow Square
sells for around $10.99

Forked Horn Bow Square

The final item that will be useful to you while tuning your bow is a good old fashion screw driver that you can switch tips on.  I normally use the screw driver set that I have for working on guns and such, similar to the
Wheeler Fat Wrench Torque Screwdriver Set pictured below.  I find these types of screw drivers to be perfect with multiple choices of tips and they can easily be taken out to site your bow in along with your hex wrench set.  
Wheeler Fat Wrench Torque Screwdriver Set
 Set runs $59.99

Wheeler Fat Wrench Torque Screwdriver Set

All of these items are vital when attempting to tune or set up your own bow.  The products above are the items that I recommend and with the exception of the Wheeler Far Wrench Torque Screwdriver Set, I either use or have used all of these products. You can purchase these 5 items for $186.95. If you want to cut the price down, you could choose to get a cheaper bow vise or screw driver, but I warn you that they are more problems than they are worth with a cheaper model vise.  These tools will last a very long time and you will save more than the amount that you spend in not waiting at your local pro shop.


Have you used any of these products? What do you think about them and what was your experience with them?

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