6 Point Buck Visits Again (Trail Cam Update 2/14/2012)

We caught that same little 6 point last night around 2:30 a.m. on the trail cam.  We got several pictures of him before he was gone.   The good news is he made through hunting season and will probably be a nice small 8 point next season (Still probably too small to shoot sadly).    I am glad he is coming around on a more regular basis now, it allows me to  know that at least he has not shed his antlers.  This means it is a good bet that a good number of the deer if any  have not shed their antlers yet this year.  Trail cams are useful for so many different things when it comes to hunting!

I normally start shed hunting  this weekend, however it looks like I will just be scouting this weekend.  Now is a great time to spot  deer bedding areas and travel routes.  Normally I use late winter snow stores to do this, but we have had a serious lack of snow this winter..

When you have a passion for hunting, you can learn to make the sport a year round activity, even know the season only runs September 15th -  January 31st each year.   Between maintaining and looking at new equipment, scouting, trail cams,  taking summer time walks and photos when possible, and hunting it self, you can always find a reason to hit the woods!  Remember that when you get the off-season blues!

Below are the pictures from last evening of the 6 point buck.

Have any of you been out scouting, or seen deer in your travels?  Seen anything worth mentioning?  Leave a comment and tell us all about it!

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  1. Nice looking little six. I just went to get one of my deer cams and mysteriously it was gone. (First time that's happened) Luckily it was one of the low end Wildgame ones. Will be looking for some good sales.
    • admin
      Mike, Yes he is a nice little six, as I said hopefully he will be a nice little 8 next season. I am sorry to hear you had a trail cam stolen, it is very sad that people cannot leave other peoples things alone. I guess as you said the only good part of that is it was not an expensive one, but still a loss either way. We all know off season you can get some great deals, I have a few things on my list that I will be looking for deals as well!

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