8 Point buck is still alive

Below are a few pictures from 2 days ago that our trail cam got of the 8 pointer that we have been getting pictures of for the past month or so.  We  have yet to see him while out hunting, but know he is around.  These pictures were taken after midnight so we figure the hunting pressure in the area has forced him to a more nocturnal schedule.  Well, at least until rut comes in later this month and next month.

I (Andy) had a very long week at work last week and was unable to get out into the woods, Amber and I wanted to apologize for the lack of new reading material and no new updates from  me  after getting out into the woods.  I plan to hunt this Wednesday as long as the weather and work stay on my side.  We also have some new reading material in the works for later this week.

Hope everyone else got out in the woods last week!  Did any of you have any luck?

Here are the pictures from our friendly 8 pointer:



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  1. Gino Ciotola
    I was unable to get out over the weekend, but did sneak out Monday morning for a few hours. Saw a bunch of does and a nice 8pt, similar to the one you've been posting pictures of. Oddly enough he was chasing a doe. The doe ran right under my stand a he came on her trail about 2-3 minutes later on a nice fast trot. I tried stopping him to get a better look but he never stopped. I saw him again about 20 minutes later chasing the same doe about 75 yards away. Little odd to see this kind of activity on October 3rd, but I've seen this before. I don't believe this doe was in an estrus cycle this early in the season. I think sometimes the younger bukcs get a little over ambitious (much like younger men!!....haha) and playfully chase these does early in the season. Who knows...at least it provided a little excitement! I'm hoping to get out a couple evenings this week, so I'll keep you posted if anything good happens. I know one thing, I'm definitely enjoying this cooler weather!Good luck to everyone to this week.
    • admin
      Gino, Sounds like you had a nice outing on Monday morning. Glad to hear you are seeing deer, some parts of Loch Raven I hunt i find that some nights I see lots and other times I see nothing at all. Never seems to be anything in the middle. I have been dying to get out in the woods but between work and the crazy weather getting out in the woods has been though for me. I too have enjoyed the cooler weather but yet another warm spell is on it's way, so much for the nice crisp cool air.. I have seen activity like that out of bucks this early in the year, and if you have a grunt tube with you, you normally can drive the buck nuts. I think it is the middle aged deer, the 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 year old bucks that do this, I think it is part of gaining their manhood so to speak. Maybe learning what is to come in a month or so? Hope you have some luck one evening this week and I look forward to hearing about it. As always I will of course post as soon as I get out in the woods!

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