8 Weeks Until Opening Day of the 2013 Bow Season

That is right everyone, we have just 8 weeks left. Time is flying now and we all should be preparing for the up coming season.  If you have not already done so you should start shooting your bow and getting it tuned in and building your muscles back up.  Remember a great tip is turn your poundage up on your bow 3 - 5 pounds early in the year, like now and shoot that for 4 - 6 weeks, then turn it back down shortly before the season beginnings.  The only downside to this is having to re-sight your bow in , but the strength you gain is well worth it and will help you later in the season.  I normally do this and turn it down around the time I shoot my broadheads to ensure they are accurate.  It really is worth it when later in the season you have been sitting that tree on 28 degree morning and you go to draw on a deer. Stronger muscles then really do help 🙂 I know from experience on this one.

We are now in full swing of shooting our bows and within the next week trail cams are going out so hopefully soon we will have trail cam photo's to start sharing with everyone.  We are also working on a small fall food plot that hopefully will give us an advantage come October and November, that is if the crazy weather ever settles down!

Now is also a great time to replace gear, a lot of places are running summer deals or clearance events and online retails sometimes have last years models of things and you can pick them up considerably cheaper! Never Hurts to look around and see what's on sale, even if you are not really in the market for something!

Hope everyone is having a good summer  and enjoys the rest of it! We will look forward to everyone sharing some trail cam photos with us as we share ours with all of you as the season gets closer!  

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