9/22/2012 Hunting Trip

Very wet, well that is the best way to summarize my Saturday evening hunt.  I headed out to a one of my normal spots that I hadn't hunted yet.  I was hunting with a good friend of mine and we had been watching the weather and thought we had missed the rain.  Well, after being in my stand a little while it started pouring, and didn't stop for a good 20 or so minutes.  Needless to say that was both the highlight and low light of the hunt.  I didn't see anything at all and got drenched, but it's hunting and this time of year it's hard to play the weather and always get it right.

So, I have decided to forget about Saturday and look forward to the upcoming week.  With the cooler weather you will start to see bucks rubbing trees and sooner than later scraps will start to appear.  You will also notice that bucks will start working on establishing what is their territory and putting smaller bucks in their place.  This can be an interesting time of year to hunt or a very slow time of year just depends on where you are hunting, the weather, food sources, and the deer themselves.

Good luck to everyone that is getting out this week!

Where you out this weekend? Did you see anything or get something? Leave us a comment!

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  1. Henry
    Good morning; About to head out for a quick Monday morning hunt. My weekend was also a little dissapointing. I was hunting on Saturday morning but after a while got bored and decided to get out a stalk a little bit. After a while of that I let down my guard and began to walk back home. Well wouldn't you know it three big does, a spike and some fawns were looking at me. I stopped (had my crossbow) took aim at one of the does and pulled the trigger, but oops had my safety on! But they didn't move just looked at me. Then I popped the safety off and in the back of my mind knew there was a horse pasture behind the deer, so I made sure not to shoot too high. If I missed I had a chance of the bolt flying into the field. Well I shot and went right underneath the doe. At that time they took off running and snorted like 3 times at me! But it was nice to have some action and I loved the adrenaline rush even though I did miss. Ok out to my stand, hopefully will have some good pictures of a nice kill this morning.
    • admin
      Henry, Great to hear you made it out in the woods Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon was awful wet! Sounds like a not so bad morning even know you didn't see much while on stand. It's great to hear that you had enough thought even with the blood pumping to know what was beyond your target and to insure you didn't risk the safety of the horses that might of been in that field. That is one of the biggest lessons they teach in hunter safety, and one of the ones that is very important to me. I bet the adrenaline was enough to keep you going for a while, and misses happen, as you said better to miss than have the bolt end up where you don't want it. Hope you had a good hunt this morning, beautiful day out there! I am heading to my stand this afternoon!
  2. Clay
    Hello, I hunted the first time this year on Saturday. I had the perfect wind condition and my trail cameral was getting lots of pictures, so I was over-flowing with confident that I was going to bag a deer. The September's view from my treestand in the woods is so different from Oct/Nov timeframe everything’s is still green and it hard to see in the distance. After 4 hours I gave up, I didn't see any deer. It was hard but glad I got the practice in for sitting still for 4 hours. It will pay off later, I'm sure!
    • admin
      Clay, Great to hear you made it out Saturday. Trail camera's are great but as I know from a lot of experience just because they show deer doesn't mean you will see them. I have to agree the few times I have been out the past few weeks it is very different looking now than it will be in a month or two. Also much harder to see or hear deer coming, a lot of times they can pass just beyond your view and you never know it this time year. I wish you the best of luck next time you get out and look forward to hearing how you do!
  3. steve
    Been out 2 evenings so far. Awful thick in the woods! Been seeing a few does here and there thats it. Did find a scrape, same place every year, so maybe soon we will start seeing some action!
    • admin
      Steve, Does seem to be what most are seeing, I myself have only seen does, fawns and young bucks. I too saw a small scrape this weekend, so maybe it is a sign that rut will be here before you know it! Good luck to you the next time you head out!

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