9/24 outing


Since the rain finally stopped for a few hours, and I got out of work a little early I headed out into the woods.

I will admit I was running a little later than I would have liked, but I still made it into the woods by 5pm.  I chose a location in Loch Raven that I hunt fairly often since I was running late.

Below is a picture from my stand.

I saw lots of birds and squirrels between 5 – 7pm but no deer, finally around 7:15 as the sun was setting, I heard something coming from beyond where I could see.  When it finally got to me just before dark I saw that it was just a large red fox which spent 10 minutes around me walking back and forth. I think she was lost? Haha

Beautiful night in the woods, but yet another bust on the hunt for deer, so I think I will try yet another area this week in hopes of finding some deer that the weather has not affected.

I would also like to note the area I was hunting looked like someone else had been hunting this morning, so perhaps they spooked the deer. The deer in that area are very spooky anyway because it is a travel area not a feeding location.

I really hope the weather is better this week and work slows down some, that way I can share more and HOPEFULLY better experiences.

Did you hunt this weekend? How did you do?? We would love to hear from you or see pictures from your weekend hunts!

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  1. Gino Ciotola
    Well I got out Saturday afternoon. Got in the tree about 1:00pm. Saw one doe at 7:15. It was brutal...humid, bugs everywhere. I'm ready for some colder weather!!
    • admin
      Gino, Your trip sounds very similar to mine. I think the bugs were the worst I have ever had them in the 15 years thaf I have been hunting. I only got a few hours in the woods, you were there a lot longer so I can only imagine how bad the bugs were for you! I am right there with you, between the bugs and how humid it was, it was sorta like torture, so I am ready for cold weather as well!! I hear colder weather for this up coming Saturday, sadly I have to work this Saturday :-( If you get out good luck!

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