9/25/2013 Evening Hunting Trip

9-25-2013 Hunting Location

I headed out to Loch Raven this evening in hopes of having better luck than last week.  Got in the woods and settled in and started to fall asleep.  I knew where I was hunting the deer likely would move late which didn't help the fact that I was falling asleep.  Thankfully, the squirrels made sure I stayed awake and on my toes.   Shortly before 6pm I had a 6 pointer walk about 45 yards off to my right.  He seemed like he had somewhere to be as he was moving right along and only stopping very briefly to eat off and on.  I only saw him for a total of maybe 2 minutes, he had a big body but small antlers.   He moved off behind me and then things settled down for a bit.   A little later I had 3 does come up the hill and feed along about 25 yards from me.  However, they were behind trees, the only shot I would have had would of been at the biggest one at like 31 - 32 yards and that's a little further than I want to shoot this time of year.  Other than a few minutes before dark I had a large red fox come through the woods right under my stand.  That was it for the evening I got down and headed home.

Anyone else been out this week? What did you see?

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