A Nasty Cold.. Yuck!

Well.....  I have not been in the woods since Wednesday September 25th.  I made an attempt this past Thursday to hunt near our food plot, but was still coughing and just couldn't sit still.  So, that being said, if anyone was wondering why I have not been posting about hunting, it's because I haven't been hunting haha.  I have had worlds worst cold on top of being very busy at work and that has kept me out of the woods.  Anyone that has had, has, or may get this cold sometime soon, I am very sorry and I hope you get better faster than me!  Dayquil is and will be your best friend, and as I have now had it over a week, I am just now finally feeling like I may be able to go sit in a tree finally.

Good news for me, the weather forecast has rain on Monday associated with the tropical storm hitting the south this weekend and a sharp cold front which is to drop temperature from the mid 80's back in to high 60's and low 70's this coming week. As we all know, the big boys always tend to move more after a cold front and when it is not super hot out.  Plus with the full moon just a little less than 2 weeks away buck should start showing some signs of pre-rut.  I am guessing we should all start seeing more rubs and scraps over the next 2 - 3 weeks.  I am looking forward to getting back out in the woods without a nasty cold and seeing some deer moving.   I haven't seen any decent antlers since opening day, and I hope that changes soon.  I also think it's about cool enough to start putting some meat in the freezer, so it's about time to stop letting these does walk all the time .  See how the next week goes for me, but hoping to get out in the woods several times between now and next weekend.

Any one get out this past week? Seen anything good? It's been super warm, but I have been out and about and seen people hunting Loch Raven, so I know some people got out this past week!  Love to hear if anyone has been seeing rubs or scrapes thus far or seen any signs of bucks getting territorial?

Good luck everyone this coming week!

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  1. Brian
    I went out yesterday (10/5) evening to hunt on some private property I have access to and I brought along my 6 year old son for his first hunt. We hunted from a ground blind that I tucked behind some Mountain Laurel just off a deer trail junction amongst some oak trees. About an hour and a half into the hunt I spotted movement off to my right. It was a doe browsing and moving across the trail about 25 yards away. I didn't have a decent shot because of the brush. After the first doe passed, two more passed by heading in the same direction. The last doe was mature and sensed that something wasn't right as she was staring right at us. I managed to keep my son still and quiet as we watched her pass by. If I was in a stand I'm sure I would have had a shot but it was still cool being with my son and letting him learn about hunting with me in the woods. Maybe next time when I'm out there I'll get my shot at the mature doe again or a buck. The funny part about it all was my heart was racing as the 3 deer disappeared into the woods and my son says "Dad I'm bored, can we go home now". I managed to get another hour out of him and we packed up to go home at 6:30.
    • admin
      Brain, Sounds like an awesome hunt and glad you were able to share the outdoors with your son. No matter what you saw I am sure your son will remember your trip together, even if he did get bored towards the end of the hunt. I remember being that age and getting bored and/or cold and being told stay put you never know when they will come. Since I had to wait several more years before I was actually hunting and not just watching I still got bored, but as soon as I had a bow of my own, never got bored again. The experiences when I was younger made me a better hunter later, so hopefully you can get your son into the woods more before the end of the season and future seasons! Good luck next time you get out!

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