After Hunting Season Blues 2014

Hunting season ended almost 2 weeks ago here in central Maryland.  It was a season I learned a lot and got to enjoy as friends of mine were successful, and sometimes seeing others be successful is more rewarding then being so yourself.   I have been told I would be a great guide as this is one of my better qualities. However,  I would also need my time in the woods if that were the case.  I know it has only been a couple weeks, but I am already bummed I cannot go enjoy the woods and some nice time sitting in a tree trying to out smart an animal that is clearly far more in tune with it's surroundings, and how to survive than we could begin imagine.  But hey, we try anyway and sometimes it works, and this time of year when all you can do is look, take pictures and hope you maybe find some soon to be shedding antlers you can sometimes get bummed that the bow cant go into the woods with you.

With several months until opening day of trout season (March 29) for me to be exact, I have a good 6 weeks to kill with nothing but maybe some shed hunting to do with my weekends.  Maybe this is a good thing, time to spend around the house catching up on projects, spending time with the family etc...  Well, that still doesn't fill my void for being in the outdoors, but those are all good things as well.

As I sit here I am looking at a winter storm watch that was issued for our area this afternoon.. Looks like Wednesday night and Thursday could be snowy.  As you can see below, is calling for a snowy 12 to 24 hours.  I have seen anywhere from 4 - 12+ inches of snow called for with this winter storm "Pax".

I love the snow and normally enjoy hunting in it, as hunting season has ended I turn to another quality of snow.  I hope we finally get enough I can make some extra cash! You have to love weather you can make money off,haha. I am getting tried of these wimpy dusting snows that are more of a pain in the butt than anything.  Either bring on the real snow or I think it could be time for spring.

Nevertheless, my after hunting season blues has prompted me to use my free time to do things such as pack all my gear away for the off season.  I have started looking at things I am planning to replace or upgrade between now and next season.  I have also started looking for property to lease in the off-season to finally get somewhere I can manage the deer I am hunting.  It keeps me entertained and allows me to continue my passion for hunting even though it is not hunting season.

Just a couple more weeks and with a little less snow it will be time to shed hunt!

Anyone else having after hunting season blues?  What are you doing to keep your mind on the outdoors?

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