Afternoon Hunting Trip 10/22/2012

Headed back out into the woods in Loch Raven this evening.  Went to a new spot that I have never hunted before, but scouted it some and had high hopes of finally seeing some deer.  I must admit getting skunked lately had made even me who loves spending as much time as possible in the woods a little discouraged.

Got in the woods shortly after 3 and what can I say a beautiful night to be in the woods.  Between 3 and 6 and I saw what seemed like 1000 squirrels and 1 hiker.   Around 10 after 6 I had a pair of mature does come through the woods about 40 yards away, they were feeding along and didn't even know I was there.  Later about 6:20 or so,  I had 2 more young deer come up the same trail and head off in the same direction.  Right after they came through the woods I grunted a few times and waited.  Right at dark I watched 3 more deer come up the same trail but about 60 yards away.  It was 2 more does and 1 buck,  the buck was a very nice 8 pointer.  Even more so when you account what you see in Loch Raven these days,  he is  a good size 3 1/2 or 4 1/2 year old 8 point that was for sure a shooter.  I didn't get a shot at him, but I sure was glad to finally see deer and even better to see a very nice buck.  It was an exciting last 30 minutes of the night and I will be heading back to that spot again in hopes of encountering that 8 pointer again!

Starting to see good sign from the bucks, rubs and scraps are starting to show up everywhere in Maryland from what I am told, and even in PA, WV and VA.  I haven't heard from anyone in DE but I am guessing they are seeing sign there as well.  Glad to see the bucks are starting to get active and the full moon is quickly coming as it's only a week away!

Good luck to everyone this week and remember if you are lucky enough to harvest a deer we would love for you to send us some photo's!

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