Another Rut? 2013

Yep, that is right, segment number 3 of the 2013 rut is on!  With the full moon passing I decided maybe another mini rut like the one we saw in October and again in November might happen over the next week or so which would further backup my trickle rut theory for the year.  Well, my guess was right and I got a couple pictures of smaller bucks which is more than I have seen in weeks, as noted by the lack of trail cam updates.  I watched a spike chasing a doe this evening and he was even trying to breed her.  I also noticed a scrape was touched up as the snow melted off of it last night while entering the woods.

All of these are good signs for the beginning of muzzleloader season.  Tomorrow I will be out with my bow not muzzleloader, but hunting should be good even with the warm temps.  It will likely be even better on the backside of the warm weather and rain they call for this weekend.  If you haven't harvested a buck for the year (like me) and many others I know, get out in the woods. The next week or so should be a good time to catch one of those big boys up and moving and you might even be able to get them to come to grunts or scents.  Never know what you might see cruising by looking for a hot doe.

Good luck to everyone this weekend and I look forward to some pictures of some bucks!

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