Antlers are off and Trout Season 2015 is Upon Us!

Yep, antlers are coming off finally!  But not all, I just saw a picture from last Thursday that had a buck with both sides still on, and our trail cam caught a spike the yesterday that still has both sides.. Crazy how late it is and they still have antlers, but for the most part I think they are dropping and shed hunting is always a fun way to kill a couple hours in the woods!  We cannot wait to see or hear about other peoples finds while out shed hunting and we of course will be going out more over the coming weeks and hope to share from pictures of sheds we find. As of now however, we have not found a single one 🙁

On another note, spring trout season kicks off this Saturday March 28th 2015 with the first (and this year, only) opening day!  That means it's time to wet your lines and catch some of those tasty rainbow and palomino trout that the Maryland DNR puts in the rivers for our enjoyment which happen to be great for dinner.  I personally will be heading out Saturday morning on a quest to find some fish and hopefully I just enjoy getting back to fishing. The last time I was fishing was September, right before archery season started so I am so happy it's time to get back to fishing.   I wish everyone the best of luck and I will update you on how my opening day went Sunday!

Good luck shed hunting and trout fishing over the next week or so!


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