Antlers are Still on!

Well here we are on 3/2/2015, yes that's right the first week of march and by large from what I have seen and heard most of the deer in central Maryland are still wearing their head gear.  Normally they  have long since lost their antlers and we would all be out actively looking for sheds.  Not this year, I went once before snow covered the ground about 2 weeks ago and saw lots of deer and several still with antlers.  Since then I have done some scouting, driving around looking at deer in the snow as well as asking others I know and everyone seems to agree at least most of the deer still have their antlers.

I did get one report that deer on the eastern shore have started shedding their antlers but that was not backed by any found sheds just someone saying they haven't seen any bucks recently.

Hopefully the warmer weather coming will trigger them to shed their antlers!  Maybe another week or two and we can get out shed hunting! It's been weeks other than the one walk I took since I was in the woods and I am ready to get back in scouting mode!  Never spend too much time in the woods ever.  Just something else to look forward to!

Anyone else been out shed hunting yet this spring and found anything???

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  1. SBD
    I started scouting for next season last weekend in the Patuxent river area. I looked closely in several areas where the snow was trampled but didn't find any sheds. I saw two groups of deer but either they weren't there or I want close enough to see any racks. I'm probably heading out again tomorrow as well, this time towards the Seneca Cr MHA.
    • admin
      SBD, I went out today (Sunday) shed hunting, deer still have their antlers. I have seen several spikes and a couple decent size bucks still with their racks over the past couple days and found no sheds today while out shed hunting... Maybe they will start dropping this week with the warmer weather. Good luck to you!
      • SBD
        Thanks, that's encouraging so I'll keep looking. I ended up going down towards the Potomac Saturday, beautiful day. I spooked a big herd that was on the other side of a tree line. With my eyes focused on the ground I was practically on top of them before they blew up but again my view was obstructed from one of the larger ones, it looked like he had a rack but can't say for sure. I've got cabin fever pretty bad so I'm enjoying the time outdoors. I went for a quick hike again yesterday a little closer to home. One thing I'll say is even though haven't found any sheds I've found some good spots for next season.
        • admin
          SBD, Sounds good. I have an update. I was out yesterday after work for a quick hike in Loch Raven, didn't find any sheds, but did find lots of sign. Then again this is one of my favorite times to scout. However, the small six we have been getting pictures of for months now lost half his rack in 2 days ago. I also heard from a friend that a co-worker of his that feeds the deer said she had a number of bucks with half racks, all have fallen this week. So, any time is a good time at this point to go shed hunting. Calling for nasty weather the next couple days, yesterday was nice but very muddy and the hills are a bit dangerous if you aren't careful. Good luck shed hunting and keep us posts if you find anything!
  2. SBD
    I found my first shed today and a good one at that, I'm hooked! Tomorrow looks like a wash out but I'll be back at it again on Sunday.
    • admin
      That's awesome! We would love to see a picture! Congrats on the find, much like you I am headed out either tomorrow or Monday depending on schedule... Good luck!
      • SBD
        I tried to post a picture but it didn't work. Possibly to large a file so here's take 2.
  3. SBD
    Not sure, what I'm doing wrong, I resized the photo to a 485kb .jpeg but it's still not posting. What's the process for posting pictures?
    • admin
      SBD, My apologies on this issue. Ever since the plugin that is used to allow pictures with posts updated pictures don't seem to be posting. They have to be under a certain size which still isn't clear to me. I believe if you size them to 400 x 300 pixels or smaller they should post. Again my apologize and I am working to fix the problem.

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