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A couple weeks ago, we shared with you a contest we were having to help celebrate the beginning of the 2013 bow season.  The contest ended last Friday, September 6th at the beginning of Maryland's bow season.  The contest was to judge the score of the eleven point that I (Andy) harvested last season.  We had some great guesses about the score which I will tell you below.  We had one guess that was very, very, close to perfect which surprised us which was a pleasant surprise.

Without further rambling, the closest guess was to the gross score was 122 made by Don.  Congrats Don, you were only a couple of 8ths off.  The gross score was 121 6/8 with a net score of 113 6/8 after deductions.  Overall, I was very happy with the deer and it's score and Don did a great job guessing the gross score.

Thanks everyone for your guesses!

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  1. Don
    Thank you guys and good luck with your season. It was a real lucky guess Im not much of a trophy hunter and don't score deer often so I was surprised I won and was so close. Hopefully My luck will continue as soon as I stop kayak fishing and get my tail in the woods

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