Beginning of Summer Fishing

Today is the unofficial start to summer.  I spent my morning doing a little bass fishing at Loch Raven with a friend of mine and we had some decent success.  We caught a few 1 - 3 lb bass and saw a bunch more.  Great way to start summer and sure beats work!

Over the past couple weeks I have been super busy, but I have managed to get out trout fishing a couple times with great success.  I have come close to or have limited out just about every time.  Pictured below is a picture of a few of the fish I caught on the Gunpowder river about a week ago with a good friend of mine.

20140509_185609_resized (640x360)


With fishing in full swing, and summer weather finally here. It's a great time of year for everyone.  Vacations, cookouts, warm nights and lots of day light to do all of our favorite hobbies.  Soon it will be time to get back to talking about hunting.  I am currently working on a small summer food plot, adding new accessories to our bows, and will be starting to shoot soon.  Along with a few new product reviews, and some helpful informative posts I will also be putting trail cams back out in another 3 - 4 weeks.  All things to look forward to from Bow Hunting Maryland over the next month or so!

What are  you doing at the beginning of summer?  What are you looking forward to doing this summer?

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