BHM’s Top Five Bows 2017

This year we are a little later than normal on our top 5 bows of the year.  But as they say better late than never!

Every year we look through the current selection of bows available from the big name manufactures and pick the 5 we like from each.  We will include reasons why we like each one and some basic information about it.  The only thing we haven't done is actually tested each of these bows, but we make every attempt to look at them in person, read what the manufactures say about them, and do our homework before we select our top 5.

Without further ado, in no special order.

1 - Mathews Halon - 5 

The Mathews Halon is a great choice for anyone looking for a high quality blazing fast compound bow for hunting,  We have picked it in the 5 inch brace height option as our top pick from Mathews for 2017.  This bow offers everything a treestand or walk-and-stalk hunter could want its short, it's fast and not too heavy.  You combine all that with Mathews long standing exceptional quality, speed, and extreme quietness you cannot ask for a better product.

In the 5 inch brace option  that we chose the Halon offers up to 353 FPS IBO.  At just 30" axle to axle and just 4.6 pounds.  With it's new Crosscentric cam technology the bow offers many draw weight and length options and a couple different let-off options as well. It comes in 7 different colors this year and has a MSRP of $1,099.00.

2 - Bowtech Reign 7

Another great bow from Bowtech, the Reign 7 has a lot of great features and puts it right at the top.  As you can see this bow has lots of options as far draw weight and length, top notch speed, and gets high ranks from everyone. It comes in 6 finishes and is lighter than some of our other top 5 bows at just 4.3lbs. I looked at this bow and messed around with it but wished I had the chance to shoot it but did not get that opportunity.  It comes with an MSRP of $1,099.00 and fits right in with it's competitors.


3 - Hoyt Carbon Defiant 

The Carbon defiant made our top 5 as it comes with more options than anyone could ever want.  We will start with it's specifications,  this bow comes with a 7" brace height, 331 FPS, 24" - 30" draw lengths, 30 lb - 80 lb draw weight options, is just 31" axle to axle and comes in at a very light weight at 3.6 lbs.  It comes in more colors than anyone could count. When it comes to options, customization, and a user friendly bow this one stands out along side it's competitors and comes with an MSRP of $1,449.00.  A great product from Hoyt and one we couldn't leave out of our top 5!  What couldn't you like about this bow, other than maybe the price tag.

4. Bear Archery Legends Series LS6

Bear Archery always makes an appearance in our top 5, this year is no exception.  The legends Series LS6 is a blazing fast well rounded great product from Bear Archery.  This bow comes in as one of the fastest with an IBO listed speed of 355 FPS.  It comes with a 5" brace height, 32 1/4" axle to axle, 4.2 lbs, draw weights of 45 - 60 lbs and 55 - 70 lbs, draw length range of  27" - 30", and 70% let off.  It comes in 4 colors and has a MSRP of $899.00  The Legends series LS6 looks to be another great product from Bear Archery, I was able to play with this bow and shoot it.  Enjoyed shooting it, nice and light weight, well balanced bow.  This bow was designed with the person wanting a slightly longer well balanced bow in mind.  The only thing I did not personally like about it was the 70% let off as the only option. I personally appreciate that 80% or 85% let off on those 15 degree mornings in December when I am hunting, or when the deer steps behind a tree and just never wants to come out leaving you at full draw forever.

5. Mission Archery Ballistic 2.0

Mission archery is made by Mathews, and has been putting out a quality product since it's inception.  This year there Ballistic 2.0 made out top five bows.  This bow has everything it's more expensive competitors has and yet comes in at much lower price.   This bow offers excellent speed at 330 FPS, light weight at just 4.27 lBS. the shortest of all our bows this year 28.5" axle to axle, somewhat limited draw weight with the option of 50 - 70lbs, standard draw length with a range of 26" - 30" and offers 80% let off.  It comes in 2 colors, black and camo.  With an MSRP of $599 this is by far the cheapest bow in our top five but as you can see offers many of the same features.  They also offer accessory packages for hunting at an additional cost.  All around a nice, short, well made bow at a budget friendly price that many will have to look at before they make their next purchase.

What's your favorite bow of 2017?

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