Bow Hunting Maryland (Update)

Dear Readers,

We have had a lot of changes over the past year.  The biggest was a little over a year ago, we added  an addition to our family with our beautiful daughter.  Needless to say, as many of you know the first year with a baby can be very hectic and consume your time.  Sadly, that meant that we basically ended up taking last year off from writing the blog, as well as keeping up with our passion for the outdoors. I got out hunting a few times last season, but no where near what I normally do and then I just could not find the time or strength to write about my time in the woods.  I neglected trail cam's and didn't get the photos that we did capture posted.  For this, we apologize for not keeping our readers up to date on our outdoor adventures.

Well, now a year or so removed from having our daughter, life is slowly returning to a new normal.   That being said, Bow Hunting Maryland is going to get a face lift shortly.  Please bare with us during that face lift as the site may have a few days of transition between the old look and the new look.  We are super excited about the makeover for the site and hopefully all our readers will enjoy it as well.

We are also planning some great posts in the coming weeks as we start to think about the up coming hunting season.  We are working on getting trail cam's up and running, as well as, getting a fall food plot started. All of which, we will be writing about and filling you in with updates. Plus some new product reviews as well our adventures in the outdoors in the coming weeks and beyond.

Again, we apologize for absence from the blog and the hunting world, and look forward to sharing our upcoming adventures as well as hearing about yours!

Andy & Amber


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