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Bowen’s Waterfowling Adventures is owned and operated by Capt. Daniel Bowen who has been hunting ducks and geese for more than 20 years. Since that time, Capt. Daniel has operated Bowen’s Waterfowing Adventures for 7 years, successfully guiding hunters from across the country on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  Since that time, Capt. Daniel and his guides have made quite a name for themselves throughout the waterfowling hunting community due to the quality shoots and strong work ethic that is routinely displayed to each hunter.  Capt. Daniel prides himself on providing excellent opportunities through his determination for success and commitment to detail.

Capt. Bowen is a very personable person and strives to meet the needs of each person or group he takes afield.  He and his professional guides enjoy taking new and novice hunters, while encouraging women and youth hunters alike. It is their passion to help others feel the adrenaline rush waterfowl hunting has to offer as the ducks and geese make their last pass!



Bowen’s Waterfowling Adventures hunts an array of different species of waterfowl on farms, rivers, bays and off-shore blinds located along Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  By having property to hunt in more than three counties near Easton, they are able to put you on birds consistently. Capt. Daniel Bowen stresses that he will work with you to customize each and every hunt to accommodate you or your group’s needs.

To give you a better idea of what a typical hunt is like check out The Hunt page and this will give you a much better understanding.  You can also check out their Photo Gallery or Testimonials Page to read about other hunters’ experiences with Bowen’s Waterfowling Adventures or call Capt. Daniel directly.

Contact Capt. Daniel Bowen with Bowen’s Waterfowling Adventures for your hunt of the season.

Bowen’s Waterfowling Adventures Contact Info: 
Capt. Daniel Bowen, Owner
Phone: 410-310-1717 
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