Buck Nut Deer Scents Review

Deer Scents Attractants Lues White Tail Deer Bow Hunting

Deer Scents Attractants Lues White Tail Deer Bow Hunting

Earlier this year the kind folks at Buck Nut Deer Scents sent us a couple of their products to try out and review.  Now that rut is in full swing, we have been trying their products pictured below.  They sent us two products, the Peak Estrous and Peak Rut scents.

Peak Rut Deer Scent

Deer Scent Lure

I tired their products while away on the eastern shore of Maryland. Sadly, rut wasn't in full swing, but I used up what I had left the past week while at home hunting Loch Raven. I used it the way they describe it on there website, mixing the two on a drag rag. Rut is getting pretty close to full tilt and I had good results.

The Pro's:

I really like the design of the bottle, it's easy to open and close and doesn't end up dripping all over you which is a plus on cold morning so your gloves don't smell like deer scent all day.  I used the peak rut on mock scrapes each day down on the shore. The one day I had two spikes walk down wind of my mock scrape both of them went right to the scrape as soon as they got down wind of it.  It was impressive to see a buck walk right to a mock scrape, never had one work that soon. Granted they were young bucks, but most of the time I find mock scrapes work best 2 - 4 days after you make them if you keep refreshing the scents you put in them, this worked the very first evening!  I then used it as a mix here at home on a drag rag and had a  button buck come right into my tree.

The Peak estrus I had a scent bottle out each hunt, and since I didn't see very many deer as a whole on this trip I cannot say it did or did not work.  However, the spikes that came to my mock scrape were licking there lips and I am guessing that was part of the reason they got as close as they did.  I also had the the young doe come right in to the scent bottle when she got down wind and was smelling it. ( I would have taken a picture but a holly tree blocked from seeing anything. While at home I used this too in the mix on a drag rag as well as in a scent wick bottle and after the button buck followed me right to my tree he started walking around the base of my tree next to the bottle of scent grunting.  It was extremely fun to watch and I would say the scent that Buck Not Scents sent me works pretty well. I haven't had a shooter come in yet because of it, but then again I  also don't think I have had a shooter close enough to smell scent so this is a non factor in my review.


I didn't like that the bottles were glass, they were a bit noisy getting in and out of my scent bag.  The only other thing I could say is that I wished the bottles were slightly larger, maybe something between 2 and 3oz bottles. This would mean having to carry less bottles especially when your on a trip.

My final thoughts:

I think Buck Nut Deer Scents has a pretty good product.  From my small sample time I had to use their products they work as good or better than their competitors.  I was impressed with how quickly the spikes went to the mock scrape and started pawing at them, as well as the little doe walking right in to the scent wick bottle I had out. Followed by the button buck walking around grunting at the base of my tree.   I will likely be purchasing some more of their product and using it through the rest of rut this season to see if it continues to work as well as it did the first week or so I used it.  I also hope with the full moon this week that maybe a shooter will find is way to my stand and the scents will be the factor that gives me a 30 yard or less shot.  I think Buck Nut Deer Scents have a great product worth buying and I am always happy to support small business trying to break out.  I think if you are a serious hunter or have had little success with the mass produced scents on the market today you should give Buck Nut Deer Scents a try, I think they really work and are worth the money.

Buck Nut Deer Scents sent us their product free of charge.  They did not tell us what to say or ask us to write something in their favor. They simply asked us to use their product and write an honest review of what we thought of the product, and that is just what we did above.  Should we find the information in this review to be inaccurate whether positive or negative we will update it.

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