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We were recently contacted by and asked if we would review one of the products free of charge.  We accepted and decided to get some fresh new business cards.  We went back and forth on whether to use our current logo, a new designed logo, or to use Build-A-Sign's easy customization tool for creating your own.

We elected to create a business card using their free, Business Card Maker which was very easy to use  and allows you to completely customize your business cards to your liking.  We wanted something professional yet simple that we could give to people directly or leave places for those interested to take.  Simply put, we wanted something that caught your eye, wasn't too flashy, but at least gave you an idea of what we were about and interest you enough to pick it up.  Using the business card maker was simple and we elected to use some of the clip art that they provide within the tool to get our message across.  Overall, the business card maker is super user friendly, gives you a great product and will allow you to do just about anything you could want.

During the process, the folks at Build-A-Sign were very helpful and were able to answer all of our questions along the way.  They provided us with 250 free business cards that we are very happy with.  They are well made, with good paper and look exactly as they were designed. Overall, we certainly cannot find anything to complain about and based off the product we got and the customer service that we received we would highly recommend them if you plan to purchase any kind of promotional materials for your business or organization.  We believe the pricing seems reasonable and very competitive with an end product that  is well worth the cost. We will definitely return to them when we purchase more promotional items for Bow Hunting Maryland in the future.

Pictured below is the the business card we made.  Looks pretty good doesn't it?

Business Card

disclaimer: provided us with 250 business cards free of charge in return for a product review.  We review every product based on our personal opinion of a product and we were not compensated for our opinion beyond the free product.  We only write fair honest reviews of products and if we find something that we do not like we will tell you, and likewise if it is something is good we will tell you why we think that as well.


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