Evening Hunting Trip 10-12-2013

Headed out to Loch Raven in hopes that as the days of rain finally ended it would get some of those big boys up and moving looking for food.  Well the short answer is, not where I was, at least not before dark.  I did have lots of deer movement and early, from 445 until sunset I had does around off and on, mostly the same 4  - 5 just came and went several times.  Decided to let them walk this evening as life is busy and I was really hoping  a big boy would show up this evening. Looks like the largely the no show of acorns this year has forced the deer to other food sources.  Making hunting pretty tough this year and making it even harder to find bucks.  Does seem to be coming and going from different food sources and not staying in any one area long.  Very hit or miss hunting and the big boys seem to be hiding somewhere that most of us aren't..

Heard some stories of some bucks being taken the last  couple days,  I heard an 8 being taken in western Maryland and an 9 on the eastern shore over the last week and a friend of mine said he heard of an 8 that was taken in Carrol County last evening.   I guess that means bucks are moving in some places, just not the ones myself or anyone I directly know.

Planning to make some more attempts this week, and if no antlers show up, it's time to start filling the freezer!

Anyone get out Friday in the rain or Saturday?  Anyone get anything or see any bucks? Love to hear what other people are seeing!

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  1. Henry
    Went out Friday and Saturday morning. I sat their on Friday thinking the rain was going to let up and I would see the deer move to my food plot. Well every time I thought that it rained just a little harder until it was a monsoon. Finally couldn't take it anymore, got out and went home. Drove back past the property on my way to work maybe 45 minutes later and there were two nice bucks on the plot. Never seen them before nor do I have any trail pics of them. Ahhhh, I should have toughed it out a little longer. Saturday I saw absolutely nothing, even though the rain had stopped and I saw a little sunshine break through the clouds. Going to the Ravens game soon today, but I live right on the edge of Harford and Baltimore counties so I am going to hit the climber today when I get back. I always leave a little a few minutes before the game is over so I am hoping I can be in my stand a little after 4.
    • admin
      Henry, Ravens game was an interesting game to be at..... I'll just leave it at that. I am sure you understand. Glad you got Friday even though it rained and Saturday even know you didn't see anything. Those bucks probably just waited on you to leave, haha! Hope you got out this evening and saw something good! Lucky Sunday hunters! haha Keep us posted on how your hunts go!
  2. Brian
    I too went out Friday and Saturday and agree with Henry, at least about Friday. I hiked in to my ground blind early Friday morning. It seemed like as soon as the sun came up it started raining and never really stopped. I went out again Saturday evening to the same ground blind. Just in case it rained again I wanted to be under some cover. On the way in I spooked what I thought was a doe, could only see the rear end as it took off. I got to the blind around 3:30 and about a half hour later I start hearing a noise almost like a bugle, not a low grunt but louder. It was off to my left. I heard it off and on for a few minutes. Then I heard it behind some brush off to the front. At this point a second deer which I think was a doe took off and ran away from my area off to the left. This deer was about 30 yards from my blind. Things settled down until about 5:30. To my right at about 25 yards I see antlers. The deer was following a trail which I saw 3 does follow last week. He was really timid and cautious. I got down off my chair onto my knees to get ready for a shot with my crossbow, I just needed to wait for the buck to pass some brush. As I kneeled down my foot must have touched a twig which broke. The buck immediately stopped and stared at me for a minute or two, none of us moved. Finally the buck had enough and speed walked away. He didn't bolt so I'm hoping I see him again. I'm guessing he was about 10 points with long tines. I'm gonna hold back from this area for at least two weeks before I try again.
    • admin
      Brain, Yeah the rain Friday morning was nasty for everything, hunting especially. Glad you got out, and really glad you saw some antlers. That is great that your blind location is paying off. Those big boys like that didn't get that big being stupid, so it would make sense they he would leave when something didn't seem right to him. A 10 pointer is a big deer, and if he has long tines will likely score very well for this area. Something you might want to keep in mind, that deer had no idea what spooked it, just that something wasn't right. The full moon is later this week and could start deer heading toward rut like behaviors. If that deer is using that as his core area, you may want to get back in there after him before 2 weeks from now. He may start venturing outside his core area within the next couple weeks, which could lead to him ending up on someone else's property. I personally would give it a couple days and get back after him before he leaves the area, but that is my personal thoughts. You know the area, and how those deer react to things. I may be too use to hunting Loch Raven at this point where deer get spooked multiple times a day and even if you spook a deer he is back the next day. For example, the 11 pointers I shot last year, I took 3 shots over 4 days before actually getting him in the same general area. He could care less, he never left the area and didn't even pay attention to the tree I shot at him out of. So, just food for thought for you! Good luck Brain, and keep us posted!
      • Brian
        Thanks. When are you predicting the peak of rut to be? That first week of November?
        • admin
          Brain, This full moon this week will likely get some of the deer, mostly younger deer up and moving and thinking about rut. We should start to see a lot of scrapes and rubs over the next week or two. However, I personally think it wont be until after the mid November moon that you will see peak rut, probably start around the 14 - 16 and last a couple weeks. By the time gun season gets here activity should be starting to trail off in terms of rut. Again just my personal opinion, but I also think this moon this week is going to help get bucks moving so I also plan to spend more time in the woods over the next few weeks. I think pre-rut can be a great time to catch a buck before dark.

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