Evening Hunting Trip 10/20/2014

Well it had been too long since I was in the woods and I finally got back out Monday evening. I got out into Loch Raven to a spot I had high hopes for, sitting in an oak tree with acorns falling!  Other than it was a little breezy it was a picture perfect hunting evening.  Well after seeing what must have been a billion squirrels I thought I was going crazy, and no deer.  Finally, around 6:25 or right around sunset when I had pretty much given up and was thinking it was time to just get out of the woods (frustrated).  I heard a stick break off behind me and I turned around and saw a doe up the hill about 50 yards walking off from my right to my left.  I had decided well at least I wasn't skunked.  Well just as I was watching her walk off she turned and came straight down the hill to me.

Excitement set in as I had decided she was a dead doe if she kept coming down the trail. I was ready, and she came down into a clearing about 16 or 17 yards away.  Problem was she was facing me....  It was quickly getting dark and she was taking her good old time eating acorns..  She finally started to walk toward me which would bring her out 15 yards in front of me broadside with a clear shot.  Well, she finally got to that opening when it was too dark to see her and she stood there forever.  I finally called it quits and started to pack my stuff up and when I did she ran back up the hill.  So, a slow night, and I didn't harvest anything, but as least I saw something!

Hope to get out at least one more time this week! Scrapes and rubs are still showing up everywhere so it's a good time to be in the woods.  Just the new moon as a lot of the bucks nocturnal I believe.

Anyone else been out and had success or seen anything good this week?



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  1. Clay
    I went out last Saturday afternoon and hunted from the ground blind. I didn't get a deer, but I had several small deer with in 15 yards. A friend who husband hunt on the Eastern Shore told they saw a 10 pointer last Sunday in the middle of a farm field at 2:00 pm. They believe the chase must be on for that to happen. I'm planning on going out both days this weekend and hunt from a treestand. Good luck.
    • admin
      Clay, I am starting to see signs it wont be long before rut is in full swing, they are getting aggressive this week and I wouldn't be surprised if that 10 in the field was lured out by a doe, or maybe just getting in a snack since eating wont happen much over the next few weeks. Hope you had a good weekend in the stand!

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