Evening Hunting Trip 10/25/2012

Headed back out to Loch Raven this evening in hopes of catching the deer I saw Monday evening.  As I spent enough hunts getting skunked I decided that I would hit the same spot in hopes the deer came through the same area. I changed trees and was really looking forward to a good hunt.

Got a little later than normal start, but it's a weekday and work sadly comes first.  Got into the woods and settled in my treestand around 4 or so.  It was cloudy, but it still was a nice night for hunting.  Around 4:45 or so I had a doe come running past me like she was being chased by something or had been spooked by someone.  I was hoping in the back of my mind that buck was chasing her, but I haven't seen any sign that chasing has started here in Central Maryland.  Starting to see tons of rubs and scraps, but no sign they are really chasing does yet.  Maybe this weekend ? 🙂

Waited a while after the doe had come through and was grunting hoping something, well lets just be  honest I was hoping the 8 pointer I saw a few nights ago would find his way up the same trail hearing my grunts.  Around 5:20 or so I heard what I though was a immature grunt from up where the doe had been, but never heard or saw anything come from that direction so not too sure if I heard a grunt or just a noise that sounded like one.

Didn't end up seeing anything else the rest of the night..  Slow night, but heading out tomorrow morning with a muzzleloader to try to harvest a doe, the property I am heading to is hit or miss, so hears to hoping they come through tomorrow morning! 🙂

Has anyone seen any does being chased or heard/seen any bucks fighting?  They seem to be more still in pre-rut than anything to me.. But I hunt mostly Loch Raven so maybe our readers with private property has seen some different things?

Good luck this weekend everyone!

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  1. Henry
    On Wednesday night my buddy was hunting about 300 yards from me. He had three does come sprinting past his stand. Then a nice buck came about 5 minutes later. He was grunting and rubbing on a tree. Acted very aggressive and snorted and grunted off after the does. I am headed out this morning. Also I am pumped that the weather is changing next week!!!

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