Evening Hunting Trip 10/25/2013

Headed out to Loch Raven Friday in hopes the cold snap would help get the deer moving. Beautiful day, and I am starting to see rubs and scraps, about time!!! Looks as though pre-rut is in full swing and I have even heard some young bucks are starting to pushing does around a little bit.  I hunted with a good friend of mine, so we could cover more area while hunting.  As it turns out that didn't make much of difference.  In the morning we were in one location and around 7:45 I had a young spike and fawn walk by off to my right at about 70 yards , they hooked around me in the thicket. The whole time feeding and did not care I was there.  They worked off to my left and headed over the top of the hill around 8:30.  Shortly after they headed over the hill another fawn came from back behind me feeding along about 60 yards away. She headed over the same hill the other two went and by 9:00 am they were all gone and that was all the morning had to offer. My friend was just 90 - 100 yards away and did not see anything at all.

The evening was a so-so day gone wrong... We got into the woods with high hopes, saw some decent rubs and and couple scraps going into the woods.  The wind kicked up even more and neither of us saw anything at all... Didn't hear or see anything other than 1000 squirrels that would not go away... Back to the drawling board since I know the bucks are up and moving and making sign. Plus it's time to put some meat in the freezer so now I just need a doe (or the right buck) to walk in front of me!  Great day in the woods, with good company can never go wrong, but it sure would have been nice if deer would have made an appearance..

Wasn't able to go out today but in running around town I noticed a lot of people were out hunting in different locations in Loch Raven certainly no shortage of hunters, hopefully one of you guys got something! If you happen to be one of those people that were out in Loch Raven today reading this, I would love to hear someone saw some deer or better yet got something, leave a comment!

Good luck everyone this week, hunting should only get better over the next few weeks!

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  1. james stern
    Ive been hunting loch raven for the first time this year. Im actually in the stand right now. Today I havent seen anything at all. Just squirels that look at me like im crazy. Last week I took a doe from near the bridge. I saw quite a few does and a decent 6 pointer chasing one of em. I thought thismorning would bring a good day because of the clouds. other than the 3 does I spooked on the way to the tree, I haven't seen anything.
    • admin
      James, Great to hear from you. Congrats on the doe. I too was in Loch Raven all day, I didn't see a single deer morning or afternoon. I did however get my fill of rain this morning when I got soaked. Hope your afternoon was more eventful than mine and keep us posted how your hunts are going!
  2. james
    I went to the same tree I killed the doe in last week. Maybe that didn't help. I spooked 2 on the way out and that's it. ill be in crownsville tonight. Ive seen a bachelor group over the summer and early fall. I think they have broken up by now. Not quite active in the day time yet. Alwsys 15 min to 30 min after dark.

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