Evening Hunting Trip 10/4/2014

10/4/2014 Evening Hunting Trip Picture

I was finally able to sneak away for the first time in too long into the woods for a couple hours yesterday evening. I went over to one of my old spots in Loch Raven I had not hunted in a couple years.  I should have known to never go somewhere I haven't scouted recently.  Got in the woods and found a good area.  I saw some sign and felt like I had as good as chance as any with a couple trails under me and a rub about 75 yards down the trail.  Well the it was a prefect fall evening for hunting other than the WIND, it had my tree blowing around and bouncing into the tree next to it and it was literally making me dizzy and making me not want to be out.  Regardless, I stuck it out and the only thing I saw all evening was a jogger whom likely chased any hope of me seeing deer away when he jogged through the woods between 6:20 - 6:50.  The evening ended with me seeing no deer, being a little tree sick, and mostly deciding I made a poor choice on location and choice of tree's.

Otherwise it was a great evening in the woods and I am starting to see rubs and scrapes showing up more and more by the day.  However, this is mostly all due to the full moon which is mid week and after this little bit of excitement, I think things will slow down again until late October when into November when rut will come in full tilt.

Anyone else out yesterday?  How did you do?

Side note, WAY TO GO ORIOLES!!!! ALCS here we come!

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  1. Clay
    I was planning to hunt Saturday afternoon hoping for the cold temperature they were calling for. However my wife had other plans for me. So I went out Saturday morning after dropping off my kids off for an early cross country practice. I was planning on hunting from a ground blind since I heard it was going to be a windy day. I didn't get to the woods until 7:00 am. A little later than usual. Heading to my ground where I left a bait pile of corn on Friday. I could see deer running in all direction as I got close the blind. This in the first time I hunted from this blind ever, I took my son once earlier this year. Once I make it inside it started to rain very hard and got dark as the clouds rolled in. I couldn't see to nock my arrow. I didn't get a change to shoot, but I couldn't see my rear peep once I pulled back because of poor light. I only had one small window open in from. I positioned myself in the back of the blind. I had one nice deer come back with 3 small deer, too small to shoot for me. I watched them for about 30 minutes, but couldn't get another chance to pull back on the larger deer. Hunted for about 3 hours. Not enough time but it was still nice to get in the woods. This week I will start practicing pulling my bow in a dark closet, so I am better prepared for the ground blind.
    • admin
      Clay, Sounds like a good morning in the woods. In the end, you know what they say, any day in the woods is better than a day at work! :-) Yes, I would practice drawing in low light, that is something that takes some getting use to, or open a very small window so you get cross light, but of course you don't want too much light or they will pick you out. Good luck next time you get out!
  2. Clay
    correction - did get a chance to shoot
  3. Mike
    What kind of stand were you using?
    • admin
      Mike, We almost are always in a Summit Climber. I own several of them and pretty much everyone I hunt with uses them as well. Since we hunt Loch Raven 95% of the time we are hunting we have to use a climber. Hope that answers your question

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