Evening Hunting Trip 11/20/2014

I know I am a little late with this post but I have been super busy and sadly not hunting.  Thursday evening I got invited to go out hunting with a friend of mine on some private land of his.  Walking out into the woods we jumped up a doe from near where we were setting up. I got up in my tree and got settled in.

Around 3:30 we had a pair of fawns, a small doe and button buck likely twins walk in from the woods across this clearing we were hunting.  They worked their way across the clearing and started eating under my friend. They were there all evening and around 4:45 I had a nice young 6 point buck walk right by me at 9 yards. I let him walk by as he will be nice deer next season even know it was very hard to do being that I haven't had any shots in  a very long time.  He had a doe with him and I was hoping she would follow right behind him and that would be my shot.  Well, my season continues and the doe stayed out in the clearing and I couldn't get a shot as light was starting to get limited.  Well, just as I was starting to think neither my friend nor I would get a shot at a doe or decent buck. Well, just then I heard a shot and saw a buck running off. I hadn't seen him come in but he was out in the clearing about 50 yards away.   After that the other deer spooked off and we got down and gave him a little while and started looking.  We were able to locate a blood trail, but it was real good for a while and then it became spotty.  We looked for a while until we couldn't really find any more blood and couldn't find the deer. We decided to back out for the night and he returned the next morning.  Sadly I couldn't go back with him but he did return and found the deer. It was a nice buck and I am super excited he was able to harvest the deer and that one of us was able to harvest a deer while hunting together.

I really enjoy spending time in the woods with friends and it makes me just as happy or happier when friends harvest a deer.  Congrats to him again and I'll look forward to hunting with him again before the season ends.

No signs of any type of rutting but deer are still up and moving and any day is a good day in the woods this time of year.

Anyone else had any success this past week?  Love to hear some stories or see some pictures.


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