Evening Hunting Trip 12/11/2014

I hit the woods with a friend of mine the other night.  We were sitting on the edge of a grassy area and had hopes of getting a doe for the freezer maybe one each!

Well, the night went about how my whole season has gone.  We had a young buck come in early and he was super spooky.  I of course let him walk even know I could have shot him, I will wait until late in the year before I take a young buck. Another month he would be one dead deer. I need meat haha.

The young buck was super spooky as I said and he finally took off into the thicket.  A little later we finally had a doe walk out but just as we were getting ready as either of us would have a shot if she kept walking another 5 - 10 yards.  Well, just as we were starting to get lined up she heard or saw one of us and took off back into the thicket.  Well, finally right at last light 2 deer came back out the doe and a buck, not sure if it was the same buck but I am guessing it was but never got a good look.  I never got a good clear shot at the doe, but my friend did.

Been a rough season so far for me, I hope January brings better luck to me and some meat for the freezer!

Anyone else been out this week and had some luck?  I sure hope so! I have heard good reports and a lot of reports like mine, nothing is moving or moving just after dark. It's been tough with the trickle rut we had and wacky weather. Hopefully someone had some good luck on this last day of gun season.  Next weekend starts Muzzleloader season and many of us will have that to look forward to as well!

Good luck everyone!

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