Evening Hunting Trip 12/15/2014

First of all, what a beautiful December day. Nice and warm, sunny, and not a lot of wind.. Picture perfect for hunting.  I headed back out into Loch Raven to a new spot I had scouted back a few weeks ago.  Looked like one of those spots you would likely see deer, but probably not a big buck. I am on a mission to get a shot at a doe, so no worries there. Well, the spot looked really good and I got in nice and early with high hopes.

Well, swing and miss.  I got skunked again... I have been skunked more times this season than any season I can remember.

Well that is life of a hunter I guess.

Try to get back out later this week and hopefully at least see a deer!

Opening day of late muzzleloader season is this Saturday! Anyone getting excited?

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