Evening Hunting Trip 12/26/2013

Headed out to hunt with someone new somewhere new last evening.  It was a great opportunity to hunt with someone that I had not before as well as some new scenery.  It was a great evening sharing hunting stories and also sitting in the woods.  Not too cold and just an all around nice evening .  It was a great hunt but like many hunting trips this time of year lacked deer.  We saw some squirrels and a rabbit, but was  void of deer.

Great evening in the woods with a fellow hunter.

The next time I will be able to get out in the woods will likely be early next week and it appears the weather is going to turn cold again for those hunts.  Hopefully it gets the deer up and moving.  Still looking for that first deer this season and I have high hopes I will get it in the next few weeks as the deer start herding up.

Anyone else get out this holiday week? How did you do???  I saw lots of cars out in Loch Raven so I know many of you were hunting last evening! 🙂

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